8,000 Mile Journey in the Pacific to Save Dolphins: Ric O’Barry & Jim Sullivan in an Interview | Video | Earth Island Philippines Web Portal

9 Mar

Via Scoop.itMakamundo (Earthly)

A man set sail Sunday from Marina del Rey on a journey across the Pacific Ocean to promote the protection of dolphins.   Jim Sullivan plans to sail 8,000 miles from Southern California to Cebu City in the Philippines, in an engineless, 30-foot boat named the Elusive Spirit. The trip is expected to take about three months. During the journey, Sullivan is raising money for the Earth Island Institute, an environmental nonprofit, and Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, featured in the documentary “The Cove.”   Supporters can follow Sullivan’s journey on his website, http://www.XPac8000.com. The trip is meant to “educate people about the unnecessary slaughtering and captivity of dolphins worldwide,” Sullivan said in a statement before leaving Sunday.   WATCH VIDEO AT EARTH ISLAND PHILIPPINES WEBSITE: http://www.earthislandph.org/content/video/8000-mile-journey-pacific-save-dolphins-ric-obarry-jim-sullivan-interview  
Via www.earthislandph.org

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