Whow, my God! PH Presidential sister endorsing dolphin captivity in one of the most cruel facilities in PH

19 Mar

Via Scoop.itMakamundo (Earthly)

President Noynoy’s sister, Kris Aquino shared “quality time” with her sons, Joshua and James Yap Jr., as they went to Subic to swim and play with dolphins. — This is not only frustrating… It’s outraging! 


 Ocean Adventure in Subic is one of the most cruel facilities that enslaves dolphins and other marine mammals for profit.  It’s part of the entire industry that abduct young dolphins away from their families, take away their freedom and put them in a small pen or tank, force them to perform tricks through starving them, and exploit them at the expense of their lives… In fact, out of the six false killer whales brought in Ocean Adventure, 5 have already died.  Another fact is that it supports the massive slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan as shown in the Oscar Award winner documentary, THE COVE.


To be endorsed by no less than the First Family of the Philippines would not only encourage the captivity industry to continue their cruel practices but would also deceive many Filipinos as well about the truth regarding captivity. 


It is no more a mystery for us that dolphin trade, captivity and slavery in the Philippines has just been legalized recently by the irresponsible Fisheries Administrative Order 233-1 signed by Bureau of Fisheries Director Asis Perez and Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala…  No, it’s not a mystery anymore that animal welfare issues are being set aside by the Philippine  government because of either ignorance or personal interest — or both! 


Please help us discourage Ms. Kris Aquino to bring her sons at Ocean Adventure again.  Tweet your messages at @itsmekrisaquino


Should she want to spend a meaningful time with her kids, she could have brought them to other places that is more educational and that could teach her kids compassion, respect to nature and value of life.  There is nothing more facinating than seeing these amazing creatures wild and free!


Via www.abs-cbnnews.com

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