Photo of Hooked Dolphin on Facebook Caught Intentionally

20 Apr

See on Scoop.itMakamundo (Earthly)


We would like to clarify recent news reports about a man, named ‘Sailor 16’ who posted pictures of him and a dolphin on his Facebook account.

The man is said to be working aboard a long-line tuna boat. Longline tuna operations use metal hooks to catch its target species, which is yellowfin tuna. The usual by-catch are shark but never dolphins. This is because dolphins never bite metal hooks as they sense this through their sonar.

Given this, the dolphin shown in the photograph was probably caught intentionally. It is also doubtful if the incident happened in South Africa as the government does not issue fishing licenses to foreign boats.

Since the early 1990s, the Earth Island Institute (EII) has initiated the International Monitoring Program (IMP) which seeks to monitor all tuna fishing operations. Over 400 companies worldwide has signed an agreement with Earth Island that they will not buy or process any tuna that is caught by chasing, harassing or killing dolphins. The biggest tuna companies in the world such as Chicken of the Sea, Bumblebee and Starkist has signed this dolphin-safe agreement with Earth Island Institute. EII maintains a list of all compliant companies on its website at

The International Monitoring Program (IMP) is the largest private-sector led monitoring program that aims to track the tuna from its source to the end buyers, ensuring that the tuna were not caught in association with dolphins. Environmentally conscious consumers in Europe and in the US will not buy tuna which were caught on dolphins.

We urge the general public to help us obtain more information with regard to the name of the boat Sailor 16 works in so we can send an alert out to track this boat, and its tuna delivery.######

Photo of the dolphin caught:!/photo.php?fbid=309334115796438&set=a.103883226341529.5624.100001595561676&type=1&theater

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