Photo of Tresher Shark Caught in Balicasag Island, Bohol Goes Viral in Social Networks

27 Apr

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A photo of a thresher shark caught by some fishermen goes viral in social networks.  The Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines stated on their Facebook page that the said shark was caught 15m off Rico’s Wall dive site in Balicasag Island, a marine sanctuary in Bohol. According to MWWP, it is not yet illegal to catch the shark in the Philippines but it is illegal to fish off the sanctuary.


Aisah Velasco posted the photo on Facebook and wrote:


“saddest day in the ocean 😦


I’ve been missing you so badly since the last day I left malapascua island. I never expected in my entire life to see you in balicasag island being killed by the fishermen. Today is my saddest day in the ocean. I felt stabbed as you were stabbed to death with tears in my eyes falling . If only could tell them to stop and buy you so that they can set you free, I was just to late, I was trembling to see you up close wounded and struggling for your life. No words can ever described my frustrations. I love you but they earned money from you, you’re one source of their living.. The most shocking part was when I slowly tried to be near, I heard the people collecting mooring fees in Balicasag ” tagae tag bahin anah ha” ( asking for their share).. what happened to the protector of the island? are they aware that tresher sharks were soon to be extinct? Can anyone help me stop this painful life situation? Can we stop marine cruelty????”



Photo By: Aisah Velasco

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